Monday, 22 November 2010

So what is our position then?

Thank you Cathy Wilcox of the Sydney Morning Herald. You made me smile.

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Sunday, 24 October 2010

n+1 #Strida Mk 3.2.5, multi-modal eBay bargain gets an upgrade. With pictures... #cycling

Well, project 'perfect Strida' is underway in which having established the suitability of an old #Strida 3.2 for multi-mode commuting and work related cycling I'm seeking a to tweek it a bit and ensure its longevity.

What's been done so far....

Bended Steerer kit has been sourced and fitted.  Basically a pair of bent folding hadlebars (the standard ones fold but are dead straight), new 'shorty' levers, needed to clear the pedals when folded in case you are wondering, grips and 'parking brake loops.  These bars changes the handling a bit but gives me more knee room and as enabled me to raise the saddle significantly, though I still think it can go a notch or two higher.

Wire rear wheel sourced from the lovely people at Velorution and fitted. This turns the bike, in my eyes anyway, into a Mk 3.2.5 as the Mk 3.3 had wire wheels.  No one in Europe seems to have a wire front wheel though so I'm talking to some other lovely people at Areaware in the states to see if a deal can be done on a pair of wheels.  I won 't ever fly with her so for me wire wheels and the higher tyre pressures they support are the way to go. Only problem is the 3.2a snubber doesn't work with 3.3 wheels.  Velorution have the bits in stock for me though so that is easy enough to sort.  Back brakes got new shoes and a problem with the rear brake actuating arm was sorted, well bodged, at the same time as the new wheel went on.

Also changed are the shoulder bolts, the heads were gone on the original stainless ones and it wasn't possible to torque them up correctly, the new ones aren't stainless but do have 6mm allen sockets over the 4mm ones in the originals. 20Nm no bother now.  You may just be able to make them out in these pictures at the joint between the steerer tube and the bottom tube.

The strida has also been, as we say in these parts 'festooned' with lights. Try to avoid SMIDSY when the clocks go back. Some hopes.  If they aren't looking.....

Nothing I've done affects the superbly simple fold. Once folded as shown you just wheel the bike alpong on its wheels.

I've got hold of an aluminium bottom bracket housing from a Mk 1 to replace the plastic one you can see in the 'nearside' photo above.  As it turns out the belt tension adjuster nut has sheered off so it all needs to come off anyway and I'll swap the housings over and, at the same time put a new 'chainwheel and belt on.


In the mean time I'll just ride her from the station to work and vice versa everyday and see how we go.

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